Want a RocketBod? You want Rocket Fuel, Baby!

Not often, if ever actually, will you find me endorsing a nutritional product on my web site or blog…except my own!  My experience after about 40 years of tasting, testing and taking them to task…is that most nutritional supplements tend to over promise while under delivering.  Instead, I find myself endorsing people, places andHealthy Lifestyles things more often.  I have remained forever open minded when trying a new nutritional product…yet, largely disappointed with the results or the lack thereof.

And don’t even get me started on the taste!  I find most protein powders to be on the poor to passable at best on the flavor scale, always leaving a weird sort of after taste in my mouth.  Energy drinks, vitamin and mineral supplements, protein bars….most leave me saying to myself, “Did I really pay that much to enjoy something so little?”.  Scottish and frugal as I may be, I don’t mind paying top dollar for a top quality product.  What I do mind, however…is paying big bucks for nutritional products that are filled with who knows what, make me feel bloated, full and, well…gassy!  (I know.  Not a pretty word but someone had to say it.  It could have been worse.)  It also peeves me to no end that rarely do I receive the benefits and promises printed in big, bold, flashy, brash and sexy verbiage and descriptive terms used to market and sell so many darn near useless products to the ‘fitness supplement virgins’ out there.  I was also like you at one time. I feel your pain…a la B. Clinton.

All thalogobandbcomt said…I believe in magic…as long as it is from solid, reliable and trusted sources.  I use the old ‘trust but verify’ sort of belief in magic.  And I’m here to tell you that solid, reliable and trustworthy magic does, indeed…happen!  And it happens with the most excellent Burn & Build Body Anti-Aging Lifestyle line of nutritional products and supplements…the very FIRST line of products I have ever endorsed and am pleased as protein to promote here on  Here’s why….

Just look at this man!  This picture of co-founder, Rick Dinihanian, says a 1000+ words.  To the left is a picture of Rick at 49 years old.  To the right is a picture of the same Rick…transformed…at 62 years of age! How did he do it?  Go here for the 411 on Rick’s amazing and healthy transformation. rick4962 You’ll also find some notable celebs giving Rick his props for creating, along with his most excellent and equally awesome partner, Steven Margolin…. the Burn and Build Body line of nutritional products, vitamin, mineral, weight loss, detox and lean muscle building products.  Rick makes even being a sofa spud look like one hot potato!


And here are just some of the remaining reasons I whole heartedly and shamelessly endorse, promote, recommend and use Rick and Steve’s products:

  • Look at the ingredients list on Protein Lean.  Nothing funky or artificial…ever!
  • For that matter, click on ANY of the product pictures on the Burn & Build Body web site to discover what they are made of…and what they are not!  All Vegan, all natural, all healthy and good stuff for you!
  • I LOVE their ethos…and I quote:
    “We demand only the highest quality ingredients in our formulations. If we don’t like the taste, it will never be in our store. All of our supplements are made under strict control in the United States in cGMP quality approved facilities. All are non-GMO and allergen free. We believe that great change, even planetary change, begins within each one of us. When we become healthier, the world around us becomes healthier. Creating health within ourselves is the greatest gift we can give to those who love us. Thank you for joining us on this journey.”
     – Rick Dinihanian
     Live Long & Powerfully
  • Immense care, concern and thought are evidenced in the production of every exceptional producthandcrafted!  These fine men want the best for you…and it shows in their products, their thinking and their actions.
  • And about that RocketBod?  Check it out here!


I encourage you to spend some time at Burn & Build Body web site.  Get to know the story on these great products and the benefits of each.  Even the packaging is thoughtful and earth friendly.  Rick and Steven have carefully considered every aspect and they want the best life for you possible, the best health, the best of everything.  It shows in their products, their way of doing business, their do no harm ethos.  Let me go on the record here for the very first time and say…I love this company, their superior products and the thoughtful, kind and generous men who have worked tirelessly to bring them to market for our benefit.



As always…thank so much for being here with me at  Your comments, questions and thoughts are always welcome here.  I’ll see you at the gym!  Until then…I wish you all the best for a healthy, happy and robust life!  Ted


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