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My Love-Hate Relationship With Scott Cullens….EXPOSED!

I hate Scott Cullens!  But…I love him!  No wait…I hate him!  No…that’s not right…I LOVE Scott Cullens!  I think I do anyway! Maybe it’s both?  Yep…let’s go with that ‘both’ option. First up?  Let the Hatin’ Begin!

fightscottLet me just start by saying that there exist absolutely no valid reasons for hating a man like Scott Cullens…except for the reasons I am about to list.  You can do that when it’s your own blog.  I mean, come on. Just look at him right there on the cover of the 5th Anniversary Issue of The Fight!  All dewy and perfectly chiseled and muscled and manly pretty handsome. No discernible body fat. Six pack that most 20-somethings can only dream of. The body that’ll stop traffic in Times Square…on New Years Eve. And that Butt!  I mean…Face!  No.  I was right. It’s that Butt.  Okay…I changed my mind.  It’s that face!  All that?                So easy to hate.

But wait!  There is even more to hate about this Scott Cullens person.  Oh yes there is!  Consider for a moment these facts.  He’s a successful entrepreneur, having created Palm Pacific Construction from the ground up.  He’s an in demand Fitness Model and Reality TV Star.  And recently, he has paired with the equally hate worthy and totally handsome Brien O’Brien to create Palm Spring’s most masculine and upscale Shave and a Haircut venue… Cut Barber!  Finally…what’s up with that uber successful and crazy sexy cool LubLube? Just more to hate.  And yes…he does employ lots of people and help stimulate our local economy.  I guess you could easily also verify what a good friend, man and human being he is…you know, if you’re into that sort of thing and all.

So, to sum up….I hate Scott Cullens for all of the above.  Can you blame me?!  I think not. He’s continually raising the bar for me on his ‘Path to Happiness’.  Stop it…just stop it now, Scott!  Mark my words…if you inspire me one more time by powerfully, but gracefully, demonstrating actions that match your words and your big heart…I swear!  I will hunt you down and publicly kiss you on the lips!  If you continue to show the rest of us, by your example, that we can create our lives the way we dream of them…that we can look good and feel great in our body and skin….that we can be grateful, generous, kind, helpful, honest and loving to all?  You keep doing all that, Mr. Scott Cullens…and I will continue to write these hateful blog posts to tell the entire World (mine anyway) just how many times you’ve made me get up off my butt, take the pork rind out of my mouth, rid myself of the resentment I might have been holding on to for like…ever.  Quit feeling sorry for myself and create my life happier and better and healthier…because of your example and actions.  THAT’s what I’ll do, Mr.!  Muaaah!

And…oh yeah.  Now about the Lovin’ Part.  (See Above.  All of it.)


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