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Missing a Meal is Sabotage!

So you want to lose weight, and think that skipping meals is a great way to do it, right? Let me just say this about that: WRONG!

I hate to sound harsh, but skipping meals is one of the most efficient ways to sabotage your weight loss program. Pair this method of reducing calories with an exercise routine that is inefficient (or perhaps even non-existent) and you are bound to be disappointed in the results that you see and feel. Let me explain why.

At first glance, missing a meal or two throughout the day does make sense if you want to merely reduce your calorie count. Less food = fewer calories. Can’t argue with the facts on that one! And, in the short-term anyway, you probably will lose a few pounds…perhaps quite a few even. Now I will explain why in the longer term, it can have the opposite—sometimes dangerous—results!

One of the most important reasons to NOT skip meals is that your body goes into a sort of Starvation Panic. After several hours, or longer, of depriving your body of the consistent nutrition it requires to stay balanced and healthy, your body will actually store fat and calories to use later. It is afraid that you will starve it again! When your body is in this starvation mode state, over time you will actually gain the weight that you intended to lose. As I asked my good friend Phylis to do in a reply to her comments on my first post, click the link below for an expanded explanation:

Another crucial component in losing those extra pounds happens to be the fluctuation of your insulin levels. You can get more information about this in the article below. It’s excellent information, and especially important for women!

To continue, skipping meals spikes your insulin levels and makes you store fat! You will understand this better by reading this article:

Finally, it is crucial to find and perform the right cardio to burn fat and lose pounds. This article has some great ideas.

Of course, I also hope you will choose to participate in my G-Force Workout A.S.A.P.! We don’t stop. We don’t drop. WE NEVER QUIT! We kick A**! Yep, that one! Thanks so much for reading. Comment freely, and visit often. I am so glad you are here!

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  1. melody guice
    melody guice02-10-2012

    Great start all very interesting keep them coming wish I was there for your workout. Love Mom

    • Paul Perrotta
      Paul Perrotta02-10-2012

      That is too charming for words.

      • Ted

        I’m glad you think so, Paul, and thanks for your warm words. My mom is someone who has taught me much by her example. She never gives up on life or herself, is always learning something new and keeping her mind expanding with new ideas and knowledge. She was always a hard worker and a sweetheart of a woman to both friends and family. She is also the best cook I have ever known and had the pleasure of learning from. At 80 years old now (and I am loathe to disclose she now answers my tech questions often)!), she takes computer classes and volunteers her time 2 days a week to help others with same. She is not only a survivor , having worked on her feet most of her life, raising 4 boys, and then having both knees replaced as her ‘bonus’ for doing so…she is also a thriver! I hope to profile her here on my blog someday soon, as her own story and challenges with being fit is one that inspires me every day. I hope it will you, as well! Ted

    • Ted

      Thanks, Mom…and I wish you were here for my workout, too! Makes me feel great to know you are reading, taking the time to comment… and always being interested in my life. I love you, too! T

  2. Personal Trainers Perth
    Personal Trainers Perth03-19-2012

    Nice stuff, Earlier I am not aware of this but when i comes to your information i came to know that skipping meal can brings disorders in your health and it leads into destruction of your body.

    • Ted

      Hello from Palm Springs, Kimberly! Yep…missing meals has quite the opposite affect than most intend. BTW, I love your site and your focus on exercising while pregnant is a wonderful and very valuable resource. To my readers: Even though Kimberly is in Perth…check her out at Stay in touch Kimberly…my very best to you! Ted

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