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Welcome To My Blog! Ted Guice Personal Trainer Palm Springs

Welcome to my blog! In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be posting about all things health and fitness from beautiful Palm Springs, California.

In this first post, I’ll share the goals and desires which led me to create this blog and give you an idea of the exercise, fitness, diet and health topics that I hope to cover in the future. I hope that you will find the subject matter timely, useful and practical in reaching your own unique fitness goals.

There is so much involved in talking about our physical selves. My desire is to start a conversation that will in some way benefit, enlighten, inform and assist you in living a happy, healthy and longer life—and doing so in a body you feel great about!

Just as I am a work in progress, this blog will certainly change and evolve! Not only will I strive to impart knowledge and ideas to help keep you in shape, but I also look forward to hearing your own thoughts. Your feedback is always welcome here!

I encourage you to ask questions about what I write and to make suggestions for future posts. Ask me about all the things that will help you in your quest to feel good in your skin, both physically and emotionally. I hope to learn more about you, just as you learn more about me!

Here are just some of the topics that I look forward to exploring together:

Profiles and interviews with people who inspire me personally, from all variety of backgrounds and experiences. Not only folks from within the realm of health and fitness, but also others whose stories may help you to live more robustly and fully. My hope is that, as they have for me, they will inspire, educate and interest you to create your life as you desire it!
Exercise routines and how to shake things up to reach your fitness goals. Proper form, movements, repetitions and sets….free weights, machines, or cables…we’ll showcase a variety of ways to keep your own workouts working for you!
Will that new Gut Belly Blaster product you saw on T.V. really give you the body you’ve always wanted in six to eight weeks—for four easy payments of $29.95? Or will it just become another place to hang your clothes? We’ll take a look at these types of infomercial products and dispel the myths about exercise we’re all bombarded with by getting the facts and reading the small print. (I know. I could have merely said product reviews, but that’s just not me!)
Are you going to the gym today…or not? We’ll explore motivational tips and share what inspires us to keep on track towards our fitness goals. I’ll invite you to share what methods work best for you, whether exercising at home or at the gym. We’ll look at how we can make positive changes to replace what is no longer in our best interest!
Let’s eat! Proper nutrition is vital to attaining our fitness goals and optimum health. Here we’ll highlight foods and recipes that I hope you will not only find helpful, but that you’ll actually want to eat because they truly taste good! You’ll discover some of the best ways to eat towards your unique goals…with all the facts about protein, fat and carbohydrates included!
Let’s get on to the links, baby. And I’m not talking about golf (although… I may)! This is where I will provide links to the people, places and products I want you to know about, along with why. In doing so, it is my sincere hope and desire that they will, in some way, enrich, enlighten and encourage you to live your life healthier, happier and more robustly, everyday!

Thank you so much for reading. I truly look forward to our conversations together and invite and encourage you to visit this site often!

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Ted GuicePersonal Fitness Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor in Palm Springs and beyond. Creator and owner of G-Force Workout'., my 45 minute fast paced, heart pumping, sweat inducing strength and endurance program. I train at World Gym Palm Springs! Motivational speaker, lending and giving you motivation and inspiration, training, helpful suggestions, tips and exercise programs to help you live a full, happy, healthy and robust life! TedView all posts by Ted Guice →

  1. Rhet Monkana
    Rhet Monkana02-01-2012

    Crongrats on the new blog and program. I look forward to reading your inspiring words along my own path to a better me. All I’m sayings is; “G-Force, ooh ooh ooh!”

    • Ted

      Thank you for your congrats on my blog and program! You are ‘spot on’ when saying that you are ‘on your own path’ to a better you…as we all have our own very unique journey towards our physical fitness goals…to be the best we can be for ourselves…and for our fellow human beings. I am elated that you consider my words inspiring, and my true hope and desire is to help keep you inspired on your adventure to a healthier, happier life…to living fully…and in your best shape ever! Your positive attitude…and your obvious drive in my ‘Individual G-Force Workout’ shows clearly that you are on your way to just that. Ooh ooh ooh, indeed…keep up the good work… You deserve the best, Rhet! Ted

    • Phylis Bond
      Phylis Bond02-02-2012

      Thanks Ted. I like your vision for my body! I am one of those people that only a few punds makes a difference. Also, I know that muscle weighs more than fat so I don’t worry too much about the scale number.

      Yes, I have a definate “lag” in energy after I eat. That is ok at night but I hate to eat much during the day becuase I want to take a nap! One doctor told me that it is natural for some people to be tired because the blood goes to the digestive tract to do its work, therefore, there is less blood in the brain and muscles. Today, I did a double workout and I may try to do this twice a week to see if this revs up my metabolism. I am a sugar freak which does not help. Luckily, I don’t drink alcohol, but I have a fruit smoothie for breakfast with wheat toasts and one slice has a tablespoon of peanut butter. I have two cups of coffee in the am with creamer and yikes, a half packet of cocoa that is low sugar.

      I may not eat again until dinner. I have a diet ice tea for a pickme up around 4 pm, and sometimes yummy chocolate, just a square or two or three… I eat dinner a 6:30, no starches, just meat serving, palm size and large green vegetable. I love two cookies and one scoop of ice cream for dessert. That is my usual diet.
      Well, there is my good/bad food. I walk Jasper twice a day, and stretch before bed. I’ll see you next week. Saturday is Pugentine’s Day, and I am having a party. Pug Kisses

      • Ted

        Phylis…thank you for this information…all very important when considering your weight loss goals. By the way, We share a common bond….and gosh darn it…your disclosure deserves mine! That’s right…I am publicly ‘coming out’ along with you as a…Sugar Freak! Ahhh…there. I’ve said it. All better now! Seriously, I do have a ‘sweet tooth’. Ice cream generally has a short time to live in my freezer….and I bake a mean 4 layer chocolate cake with a combo butter/cream cheese frosting that will make your teeth rattle…or so I’ve been told! As I have ‘matured’ solidly into my mid 50’s…my ‘freaky’ sugar consumption has been tamed to more of a ‘moderately on the edge’ pattern…and that seems to work just fine with me. As with most things in life, too much of anything can be harmful. Moderation is the key to enjoying your life fully, rather than total excess or deprivation. But…more important than being a sugar freak, you have given me, what I believe to be, the most important and telling issue in regards to attaining your goals. A short, 7 word sentence…that may be having a huge impact:

        “I may not eat again until dinner.”

        As you are the inspiration behind my next blog post…all I will suggest at this point is to go here:

        I believe the information you read will make the difference in attaining your fitness goals. You might also want to do some extra research about skipping meals and insulin levels. Let me know your thoughts about what you read and watch on the video within the above…and how it may…or may NOT apply to your own situation. I am interested…and I hope you find the information helpful. Ted

        • Phylis Bond
          Phylis Bond02-10-2012

          Hi Ted, I watched the skipping meals podcast and sent it on to my sister. Boy, they are right. I eat just like they say, horrible. It’s a wonder that I am not 200 pounds instead of 135.

          Maybe we can set an appt next week for Wedenesday or better Friday, my flex day with no workout, but I’d love to do a session and discuss some meal tips.

          I have been getting my money’s worth at the gym by doing 6-8 classes a week. This Thursday I hit a wall, but it was my second week of two, two hour work in succession outs plus 3 other G force sessions in the same week.

          I love your class and the new excercises that you have incorporated into the intervals. Thanks!

          • Ted

            Hello, Phylis! I am glad that you watched the video and found it enlightening. Please let me know what your sister thought of the information. You are certainly doing what it takes to reach your goals with the number and type of classes you are participating in at World Gym Palm Springs! Friday works for me and just give me a call…we will meet and get you heading in the right direction. I am happy to hear that you at least take one day off from your workout routine and still manage to fit 3 of my G-Force Workout classes in as well. Your body does need time to heal properly after vigorous exercise. To know that you love the new exercises in my class is wonderful to hear….and you are due some credit for our new abs moves yourself. I really believe that your current challenge attaining your weight loss and body composition goals can be readily solved by adjusting your timing and frequency with meals, while allowing you to continue with your class and exercise program in place. Looking forward to speaking with you about same…and we will redesign your nutrition and exercise program to ensure your success going forward. My best to you! Ted

          • Phylis Bond
            Phylis Bond02-12-2012

            Hi Ted,
            Yes, I am already eating my breakfast and lunch and snacks. I already had dinner and dessert figured out. Dessert is one of my snacks! Yeah, it works for me. I need guidance as to types of snacks to incorporate into my day. I have not talked to my sister yet, but her challenge is that she travels for her work and this leads to erractic and fattening restraurant (sp) food. One idea that I thought of for her was not to open the menu, but just request a green salad, grilled fish, dressing on the side for dinner or lunch. She does not eat meat.

            Ok, I will call you after Tuesday to set an appt for Friday, and I look forward to some personal training.

  2. Jim Cox
    Jim Cox02-01-2012

    Congrats Ted, on your outstanding blog! Keep up the good work!

    • Ted

      Thank you, Jim! You also have my congratulations for not only your amazing talent as an artist and photographer…but also for your sincere desire and effort to make all who have the opportunity of meeting you…feel welcomed, valued and comfortable. Without you, Jim…and without the help and wonderful assistance of Tom…this website would lack the ‘special something’ I myself feel to be ‘an integral part of living my life robustly…and your photographic efforts on my behalf are much appreciated! Ted

  3. Phylis Bond
    Phylis Bond02-01-2012

    I really enjoyed your first blog post. You have a great outline for wellness and fitness topics. I am really interested in nutrition and energy. I have something called, Post-Prandal Blues; or after I eat I get sleepy. Also, I am stuck at the same weight give or take 3 pounds. I would like to lose that ideal 10 pounds, but it seems that I would have to give so many goodies!

    Anyway, I love G force interval training. You have increased the belly work and strength this past month. I look forward to class, and I am ready for some personal training next week. Phylis

    • Ted

      Thank you for your comments, Phylis, and please know that you are not alone in feeling ‘stuck about losing those few pounds! Many of us experience exactly the same thing when heading towards our ‘ideal weight”. We ‘hit the wall’, it seems, and our body doesn’t respond to our hard work the way it once did. I know this is probably very frustrating, as I have the opportunity to observe your sincere efforts at the gym and in my ‘G-Force Workout’. That being said, Phylis….it’s time to shake things up a bit and send a message to your body that it is a new day…and Phylis is IN CHARGE! Although I don’t yet know much about the ‘Post-Prandal Blues’, rest assured that i will do my homework to find an appropriate and efficient way to help you reset your body thermostat and help you attain your ideal weight. In the mean time…I’d like you to start thinking less about that weight you see on the scale…and start to envision yourself in the body you’d love. Pratice thinking “Body composition’, and I will address the difference between what the scale says and body composition in my next blog post.

      So…thanks not only for being my inspiration when I next post…but also for your attendance, enthusiasm, great energy and suggestions in class. You may not know this, but you help so many others along the way with your participation…and just by being you…every single day! Hang in there, ok? Your ‘best body ever’…heading your way! Ted

  4. David McCammon
    David McCammon02-01-2012

    Congratulations T-Bro on the launching of your blog space. Your knowledge and life experience helps so many people on their road to healthier mind, body and spirit.
    Can’t wait for more.

    • Ted

      Well thank you so much, David! Your very kind comments are much appreciated…and will help motivate me to help others on their quest for physical health and fitness. As happy as I am about this new adventure with my web site, and now this blog…I am even more so seeing you beam as I hear others at the gym compliment you on the changes in your body. Good for you, Jr.! You have trained hard, you’ve listened, you have nourished your body,,,,and your ‘110% efforts’ have paid off! Not only have you transformed yourself on the outside by losing fat and packing on lean muscle mass…but by keeping the kind and generous demeanor towards others you have always had…your new confidence and self esteem is genuine, authentic to your ‘better nature, your ‘inside’…and nothing less than a joy to see!

      So…enjoy your adventure, David, and know that you don’t have to wait for ‘more’, rather…know that you are, indeed, smack dab in the middle of ‘more’ right now! Ted

  5. Reese Nottingham
    Reese Nottingham02-01-2012

    Wonderful first blog Ted. Congratulations, very well done and inspiring. Can’t wait to read more.

    • Ted

      Well…coming from one of the most inspiring and energetic, all around ‘good guys’ on the planet…as well as the amazing Yoga instructor that you are, Reese…I am truly honored and flattered by your visit here to my first blog! Come back often, will you? I find every opportunity to talk with you as a time to be cherished. Thank you for your presence and comments here with us! Ted

      • Reese Nottingham
        Reese Nottingham02-03-2012

        Believe me when I say that I get a lot of inspiration from you as well. Getting to interact with you on a daily basis energizes me and keeps me striving to do everything I can for my students. I’ve learned a lot from you so far about this industry and hope to continue to learn how to best pass on the knowledge and training to my students. You’ve been a teacher to me as well by feeding me your experience on a daily basis. Thank you for that.

  6. Jay Fletcher
    Jay Fletcher02-03-2012

    Hey Ted-

    Congrats on your blog! It is great to see you doing what you love and what you are soooooo good at!! I am working harder at controlling the “in my 50’s” belly weight that has magically appeared (honestly, I have no idea where it came from) and is very stubborn to work off. I am on my treadmill every day now and starting some weight training, so hopefully this “man pregnancy” will end this year. I look forward to your future inspiration. Jay

    • Ted

      Great to see you here, Jay…and thank you for sharing your ‘Mid 50’s’ challenge. You are not alone! As I have had the pleasure of knowing you for over 30 years now, I do remember that, as young men in our 20’s, all it seemed we needed to do then to stay fit was to breathe air. And now? Not so much. That said…keep the faith! It sounds as if you are headed in the right direction with weight training and the treadmill…and if you keep at it , you should see results within the first 30 days of you quest to lose that stubborn belly fat. I hope you will continue to check in and read my future blog posts, where I will address this issue in depth. For now though…I would like to suggest that you consider a ‘high intensity interval training’ approach to your cardio program…for no more than 20 minutes, 5 times per week. Click the following link for starters…;let me know what you think…try it! I think you will love the results you get….for the effort given. More soon! Ted

    • Phylis Bond
      Phylis Bond02-17-2012

      Well, what a terrific meeting. Yes, I will cut back on my 7 hours a week in the gym. I think that it was exhausting me to do double classes. It is tough to stay in shape in your 50’s. I was in such great form in my early 40’s and than it became a time issue. No time to continue to work-out regularly. Than I moved and could not find a gym or program that challenged my body and mind.

      I am back on track and I want to work on the tough spots, like Jay says, Belly Fat. Also, the dreaded “bingo arms” and inner thighs. thanks, Ted for a positive personal meeting

  7. Paul Perrotta
    Paul Perrotta02-06-2012

    Congratulations on your inaugural blog post! I look forward to hearing more about these topics.

    One of the hard parts about working out is in understanding the myths that are believed by our co-gym-goers. We all grow up hearing different things, but we don’t necessarily hear when those items are superseded or proved wrong by later knowledge or better science. I would find it particularly interesting for you to mention and comment about common myths as you write about the topics listed above.

    This website is really coming together. You’re off to a great start!

    • Ted

      Thank you, Paul….for your kind words and suggestions both! The myths we grow up hearing, and often believing to be fact, is a topic I am very much looking forward to addressing here. Especially regarding health and physical fitness, et al….it seems the volume of myths is numerous! If we take the time to do just a little research and read the ‘small print’…I have found that most of them are easily debunked. Using our common sense, along with the knowledge gained from research, is a very important tool to utilize when deciding the what, how and why of any physical fitness goal. The old adage that “If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is.’ applies! So…thanks again for the great topic suggestion, Paul. Check back often. I think you’ll be reading about this on my blog, sooner…rather than later! Ted

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