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JohnHYou Need A Day OFF!

It’s absolutely true. If you want to be in the best shape of your life…your life should include time for a little R & R.  Rest and Relaxation! Two words, that if you are not very familiar with in your quest to become physically fit and healthy, should be added to your fitness routine. And the time to add them is now. Right now. As in today.Bigal

You may be a member of the ’110% Club’ when it comes to achieving your goals, whose same members  I support, admire, defend and congratulate with full appreciation for their drive and dedication in reaching said goals. I personally know what it takes to be at your physical best. A passionate desire, a solid commitment, a positive+ attitude, the most beneficial and effective nutritional program (and actually following it!), your best effort with every workout, lots of sweat…all of these are certainly needed to reach your fitness goals. And especially if you are setting goals for yourself that others can’t imagine for themselves, asking your body to work outside it’s established comfort zone to create your best body ever. The only thing missing from this list of must haves is the Rest & Relaxation part. For many, myself included, it’s the hardest part to include while knowing that it is paramount in importance. And important not only for my happiness and health quotients, but also a ‘must have’ aspect of your fitness goals attainment quotient. That’s right…with proper amounts of both rest or sleep, as well as, relaxation in the form of just plain fun and enjoyment and recreation, you will be certain to reach your physical fitness goals sooner and you’ll look and feel better, happier, more capable, elated to be in your body!  Let’s examine the first R for a moment. Rest.

So, what kind of sleep should the avid fitness enthusiast be getting each night versus the sedentary sofa surfing type?  You can find out by following this link to HuffPost Healthy Living. Written adeptly by Sarah Klein, it’s all about Sleep and Exercise…a great resource to keep handy and as a reminder to rest when it comes to being in your top physical shape! Another awesome article from our ‘all things body building’ folks at can be an excellent source of Rest 411.  It’s well written and geared towards the needs of Strength Trainees and Serious Body Builders Alike. I encourage you to give ‘The Factor of Sleep in Training’ a read. Provided by and very much worth your time and serious consideration.



And Now. What about that second R…Relaxation? Everyone relaxes differently and as for myself, relaxation usually finds me in a blissful and fun state of recreation! I am certain you have been wondering why all these great pictures in this, my most recent blog post, have found their place here at, right? My Relaxation this past weekend was to attend one of the best ‘Poolies’ of the Summer here in beautiful Palm Springs! Hosted by two of the nicest and happiest, most fit and handsome men in the Desert…John Hart and Dennis Mayer know how to throw a pool party and make everyone feel welcome from the ‘Splash In & Belly Flop’ beginning… to the ‘Towel ‘Em Off & Feed ‘Em Good’ end! I had a great time and it was just the kind of relaxation that revitalized and renewed my own workouts this week…the often times ‘missing link’ in our fitness regimes. You may relax by a variety of things. Hiking, reading, swimming, meditation, a double header at the Palm Springs Power Game, a dinner out Or in with good friends…all great venues for relaxing your way to a better workout! Daniel Goleman penned a very informative and useful article for the New York Times Science section way back in 1986. Titled ‘Relaxation-Surprising Benefits Detected’, it is timeless in it’s scope and information. Give it a close look. I have no doubt you will find it pertinent and valuable writing on the subject of Relaxation.

boysinpoolSo, do yourself a big favor by getting the optimum and regular amount of sleep your body wants and needs to become in peak condition. Rest!  And then add regular and copious amounts of fun and recreational facets to your fitness program for maximum benefits fro your hard work and efforts a the gym. Relax! You can start relaxing by enjoying the rest of the fun and fabulous Poolie Pics below. A great time was had by all…and all thanks go to the great guys who created one of the best days of summer for 40+ guests with style, panache, delicious food, an awesome bar, good vibes all around and the most fun those of us wanting a little R & R could wish for!  I also hope you will continue to relax and recreate by visiting me here often. Your comments and feedback, questions and answers, are all very much appreciated by this blogger. I wish you the happiest Summer…and Beyond… you have ever known, the health and fitness you have always desired, and that you have the most excellent and robust life you could ever dream of creating and living!          My Very Best To You… Ted















 Even LeDeux knows how to get some R & R!







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