Get Palm Springs Fit! It’s Time To Dance Your Butt Off At The Next Ecstatic Dance Celebration!

 Love to DANCE!  And so does this bright, shiny, handsome guy in this picture. That’s Palm Spring’s own Jallen Rix..and he has created  the Desert’s most unique, amazing and soul freeing, heart pounding, wonderfully beautiful and connected new event….Ecstatic Dance Palm Springs!


Dancing?  I don’t do enough of it, truth is.  Dancing is a great way to help you stay fit, of course….and I believe it  helps your emotional fitness as well, your insides, your energy in the World.  Now, I have no scientific proof or facts to link to or send you off to find.  It’s just a feeling I get when I am dancing.  I feel great after a few hours on the dance floor!  I’m usually sweating and my voice has just about gone from laughing and and hollering and shouting with and to friends who are out there shaking their ‘groove things’ with me.  I can even get what has been called that ‘runners high’.  It’s that almost euphoric feeling one gets when they run enough to inundate their bodies with life nurturing oxygen.  That is a great feeling…one that I often experience in my G-Force Workout while The Crew and I are pounding out another awesome workout together! opportunity for you to fully express yourself and bring out your own inner dancer.  It’s time to move, groove, shake it and make it your own unique expression…to dance any way you want!  And you can do all that right here in Palm Springs at the next ….


Click Me To Dance Your Butt Off!


And then there are the benefits you receive by shaking it up by dancing your butt off for a few hours!  You’ll burn those extra calories you had at dinner last night.  You’ll sweat toxins and all sorts of impurities out of your skin.  Dance enough…and you’ll melt some fat away, help your heart stay healthy.  You’ll probably even have a lot of fun…and that can only help your mental and emotional being.  So, get creative!  Relieve some stress!  Get your feet moving!  And, for sure..Start your weekend dancing tonight, as well as the second Friday of every month through June, 2014…and do it any way you want at ECSTATIC DANCE!

Check out the FaceBook  page for Ecstatic Dance…I’ll see you at the gym soon!

                        Live Your Most Robust Life…My Very Best To You!  Ted




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