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Exercise Your Manliness! Let A Pretty…& Smart…Woman Show You How!

Staying healthy and fit and happy with yourself isn’t merely a matter of throwing large metal objects around at the gym with the manly men!  No…maintaining and improving your H.F.H. Quotient over the long term should also include exercising that big muscle between your ears.  Learning a new skill….wandering into virgin territory….boldly going where no personal fitness trainer/boot camp aerobics instructor has ever gone before…can be a big part of feeling and looking and being all that you can be.  And, if you’re really fortunate…like me, for example…you can call in Da Big Guns to help you learn that new skill.  Like I did.  Just watch!

I admit to manly attributes like not stopping to ask for directions when driving and lost.  It’s what we do.  We’re men!  But this meathead knows which side of the tile to put the mud on….because I was smart enough to ask for help from a pretty and smart type, friend and neighbor…Marianne Middeldeen.  She is the boss when it comes to the cuts, angles and particulars of all things tile (and a bunch of other brainiac stuff like microbiology and science and spirochetes and…well, you get my drift.).  So, thank you Marianne….for helping this knuckle dragger expand his brain strength by teaching me a new skill.  It’s Tile Time…

….with Ted & Marianne!

Stay Healthy, Fit and Happy….and I’ll see YOU…at the gym!  (And maybe in the tile aisle at Home Depot. Manly!) Ted

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