Essential Hydration For Your Palm Springs Vacation!

You may already know what local residents know. Palm Springs can be very warm in the summer. And I’m not only talking about our bustling night life, our plethora of outdoor activities, the one of a kind shops that line our famous Palm Canyon Drive, the amazing mountain vistas…viewed picture postcard perfect from many top notch restaurants we enjoy living the desert lifestyle. I’m also talking about our amazing temperatures! Summer time temps range from the high 90s to well over 105 degrees. Record breaking, thermometer busting high temperatures have been recorded at 123  ‘you could fry an egg on the sidewalk’ degrees, in both July and August! These tan inducing, sweat producing days, coupled with less than 5 sparse inches of rain spread between a mere 14 days of precipitation each year should be respected and planned for.

waterrbottleguyThis is especially so if you are the active type, fitness buff, hiker, biker or golfer intending to visit Palm Springs from cooler and moister climates. Stave off dehydration by following a few simple guidelines. We want you to thoroughly enjoy your Palm Springs vacation…and I encourage you to print out the information and suggestions you will find by following the link below. Then bring them along as your guide to Essential Hydration in our Desert Oasis.  You’ll find it all here under ‘Desert Fitness’ at, where I am the Health & Fitness Blogger for the Palm Springs Visitors Bureau. I hope you enjoy both my blog and your visit to this exceptional site all about Palm Springs.  My Very Best To You!  Ted

Essential Hydration For Your Palm Springs Vacation!


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