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Calories Burned By…

Check out this easy and very enlightening way to calculate the calories you will burn for a plethora of activities! Then, I’d love to hear from you about what you have discovered, any surprises or confirmations you may uncover or verify about any activities. Simply scroll down to the comments area and let me know about your calorie burn and …

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Are You a Good Citizen?

…of the world, I mean! And further, are you globally hip? Bill Sinunu is both, and I have the pleasure and good fortune to call him my friend and client. Bill came to me for personal fitness training a few months ago and, even with his challenging work and travel schedule, he has made great progress in transforming his body …

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A Different Challenge At

Are you the competitive type? Perhaps you have attained your fitness goals and are looking for a new and different challenge. Something that will stimulate your mind and body on towards the next adventure. Or maybe you were the kid in school who always got picked last for the team and now, as an adult, are eager to put that …

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