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Part Two: Who Are You? It Matters… It’s Genetic

Yes! Finally an answer with  some weight behind it, so to speak, about why some of us have the perpetual inner tube or the martini glass body shape. A reason to just forget about that boring cardio routine you have been busting your butt on for the last few months with no real results. It doesn’t matter anyway. You’re just …

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Discover Outdoor Fitness At The Palm Springs Wellness Park

I love The Palm Springs Wellness Park! It’s an excellent outdoor fitness option, a serene meditation spot, an amazing stroll through pristine gardens, a gathering spot for friendly locals and tourists alike. We are fortunate to have such a park right here in our charming, vibrant village of Palm Springs. I encourage you to take a few moments and read …

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Update: Desert Tiger Training Got Your Fight…& Mark Becker!

Check it out! Two of my favorite men on the planet have jumped in the ring to deliver the best MMA training in Palm Springs. That’s the amazing Roman Troy, the creator, muscle, energy and big heart behind Desert Tiger Training…along with the incredible Mark Becker…the equally excellent, driven, provocative and all around good guy who brings us Boot Camp …

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Palm Springs Is A Haven For Your Alternative G__ Lifestyle Choice!

It’s not a secret any longer.  Feel free to be who you are and embrace your alternatives! I’m talking about your AGLC…Your Alternative GYM Lifestyle Choice, of course!  Now…along with the right to legally marry…you have the right to choose an alternative gym!   Palm Springs, with just about 43,000 residents these days, has an excellent variety of alternative gym …

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Gym Bunnies-Cardio Obsessives-Fitness Fanatics-Muscle Maniacs!

You Need A Day OFF! It’s absolutely true. If you want to be in the best shape of your life…your life should include time for a little R & R.  Rest and Relaxation! Two words, that if you are not very familiar with in your quest to become physically fit and healthy, should be added to your fitness routine. And the …

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