Calling all CREW! Fall In For Your New Year’s 2 X G-Force Workout!

G-Force Workout 7Did I say TWO times the G-Force Workout? I sure did and you’ll get that double dose of muscle blasting, sweat pouring, heart pounding and bodaciously fun workout tomorrow!  It’s a brand new adventure with the GFW Crew ‘Who Do!’ on New Year’s Day, 2014!  We will have not one…but TWO very special and FRESH G-Force Workouts to start your New Year off most excellently!  Come join me and the  best Crew to ever mess up an aerobics room floor fierce by setting it on FIRE with their amazing energy and hard work!

Your first G-Force Workout for the New Year begins at 10:00am!  CLASS-13

Your second G-Force Workout for 2014  begins at high noon!

I’ll be there instructing both classes..and I hope you will join us for the all new and revamped G-Force Workout!  New Muscler Making Moves.  Scintillating New Sounds. High Intensity Lung Expanding New Cardio.  And Even More Incredible Fun & Friendship for & with The GFW CREW!  Two most awesome and healthy ways to begin our exciting New Year…both happening at Palm Springs’ Most Provocative & Fitness Forward Pump Palace… World Gym Palm Springs!G-Force Workout 4


So, Calling All Current GFW Crew Members, all GFW Virgins, all you ptotential Crew Members still sitting on that imaginary fence saying “Oh my..I Could never do THAT!  It’s way too hard, donchaknow!  Yah, it sure is.”   I challenge you to challenge yourself at either …or BOTH…G-Force Workouts.  We’ve changed things up!  Will you?  Come get your Crew on tomorrow…it will change your life.  I promise!  It sure as heck changed mine in the best possible way.  See you there, CREW!                                                                                                      

           I love you more than I can say… Ted


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