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Become A Critter! Ted Speaks With U.S. National Powerlifting Champ, William Gross

imageI recently had the great honor and pleasure of speaking with U.S. National Powerlifting Champion, William Gross!  This is one amazing mountain of a strong man who, at first glance, may appear a bit intimidating to some of us based on his sheer size alone.  But spend just a few moments in this gentle giant’s presence….and you’ll feel your heart melt like butter and honey on a plate of warm biscuits! He’s a sweetheart of a big man, with an innate generosity of spirit, kindness to others, along with warmth and authentic affection that shines brilliantly forth from the moment you first meet him. And behind that big, burly, brown bear beard…is a grin a mile wide which speaks fully of his very intact sense of humor!  William is the kind of guy who, upon speaking with him and knowing more about him…well, let’s just say that my time with him is a great example of why I sincerely love my work.

 Not only is William “Critter’ Gross a champion power lifter, he is also a Delta College educated and certified Personal Fitness Trainer, a Tier Two Cross Fit Instructor, as well as a Certified Fitness Specialist.  He’s doing incredible work now at World Gym Palm Springs and with every one of his clients.  Check out our interview below for more information and to learn more about this most excellent champion power lifting all around good guy.  You can also check out ‘The Critter’ at his very own web site by visiting .

As always, thanks so much for being here with me at . Your presence, your comments, questions and thoughts are all welcomed! I hope you have enjoyed getting to know one of the U.S.A’s most powerful athletes….National Powerlifting Champion, William Gross. And make sure to discover how you, too, can ….

Become A Critter!

And, oh yeah…..check it.  Nothin’ scares me! (Almost anyway.  See below.)

My Very Best To You!  Ted

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  1. Melody Guice
    Melody Guice03-19-2016

    Ted Guice very nice writing. Good talking to you last night. Did you get my return phone call? Enjoy the soup, Love Mom

    • Ted Guice
      Ted Guice03-26-2016

      I did…and thank you Mom! My mom called me back after a phone call the other night….with a chicken soup recipe….because her baby here had a cold. Isn’t that sweet? No matter how old we get…how grown up…how adult we are in the world….our moms always love us like our moms. You cannot buy, sell or trade that for anything in the entire world. Nothing…can compare. Thank you, Mom. I love you, too! T

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