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Motivation and Inspiration

The Ultimate Health & Fitness Secret….Revealed!

This is the best health and fitness tip I will ever be able to share with you! (It’s also the shortest blog post I will ever write.  You know me.)  It’s so very, very important… prior to lifting a weight, losing weight, gaining muscle mass, getting fit or doing anything else at all…that you know and know it by heart…this one ultimate …

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My Love-Hate Relationship With Scott Cullens….EXPOSED!

I hate Scott Cullens!  But…I love him!  No wait…I hate him!  No…that’s not right…I LOVE Scott Cullens!  I think I do anyway! Maybe it’s both?  Yep…let’s go with that ‘both’ option. First up?  Let the Hatin’ Begin! Let me just start by saying that there exist absolutely no valid reasons for hating a man like Scott Cullens…except for the reasons I am about …

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