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Quote of the Week

Focus On Your Flow! : Inspiration For September 25, 2012

Sorry to tell you something that you, my dear readers, most likely already know all too well!  That is…there is no magic answer or secret that you are not privy to when it comes to attaining your personal fitness goals. As Mr. Sutphen tells us, it’s really the basics.  How beautifully simple is that?! No mysteries to unravel. No special tonics and pills to …

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DJ Serge Puis Goes LIVE At G-Force Workout!

Build the fire, feel the heat, make some serious sweat and bring your pump! Come to G-Force Workout and be a part of the most fun, fierce and friendly crew to ever hit a gym floor! You’ll meet the incredibly talented Serge Puis as he dishes up the best beats for us today and Thursday at 10:00AM, World Gym Palm Springs. …

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Quote of the Week

Take A Bath!: Inspiration For September 8, 2012

I love Zig Ziglar and I love this quote! ‘Whether I need it or not’, as my Dad used to say, I bathe every day (mostly). When it comes to fitness and the motivation to remain at my physical best, I’ll take all I can get of both. Let’s face it. Words of encouragement from others, no matter how inspiring …

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Healthy Lifestyles

Meet Kelly Lewallen: A New Approach To A Healthy Relationship With Food & Our Bodies!

Kelly Lewallen has been working in the field of eating disorders, especially eating compulsivity and obesity first as a nutritionist in 1983 and again as a psychotherapist since 1997. She believes in a unique approach to alter our relationship with food and our bodies, using current brain science as the basis for her work with clients. If you are tired of …

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You Want More G-Force Workout? You Got It!

Ted Guice Fitness and World Gym Palm Springs have collaborated to bring you TWO new G-Force Workout classes each week! Look for additional classes from7:30AM to 8:30AM, on both Mondays and Wednesdays, starting this Monday, September 10th, 2012. Now you can join all the G-Force Workout Crew Members 5 times weekly!  The class schedule is as follows:  Monday @ 7:30AM …

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